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Since 1986 this company was mainly working in the field of industrial automation. In 1995 Hesse, formerly known as Hesse & Knipps, started to build and sell high tech equipment for semiconductor industry. The headquarters are located in Paderborn, Germany.

Hesse GmbH develops and delivers customer specific equipment for the back-end semi conductor industry: bonders, ultrasonic flip-chip systems and special systems right up to complete production lines

Below you will find an overview of all Wirebonding related equipment from Hesse.
From Fine Wire Wedge Bonders to Heavy Wire Wedge Bonders:



bj820 240 2 bj830 main-product 446x694

BJ 820

Thin Wire Wedge-Wedge Bonder for all wirebonding
challenges on a single platform for a
large variety of applications. The BJ820 defines
benchmark in the industry for example by offering:
Fastest wiring speed of a wedge bonder, largest
work area, highest axis accuracy.

BJ 830 (NEW)

The Bondjet BJ830 is a fully automated, thermosonic
fine wire ball-wedge bonder with a large working area.
The BJ830 is designed for wire bonding challenges
on a single platform. Typical applications are components
in the HF and RF technology, COB, MCM and hybrids,
opto and automotive electronics.
The BJ830 defines the latest state of technological
development and is benchmark for:

  • The largest working area of ball-wedge bonders
  • Precise positioning according to great axis accuracy
  • High reliability and repeatability


bj93x bj959 product main 446x694 v2  

BJ 935/939

Heavy wire bondhead with non destructive
pull test and a unique transducer integrated
sensor for 100% quality monitoring in real-
time. Further outstanding features are high
speed and the largest bonding area.
Advanced features available on BONDJET
BJ935 and BJ939 are designed to meet
your present and future requirements and
greatly enhance productivity.

BJ 955/959 (NEW)
Bondjets BJ955 and BJ959 of the new bonder
generation are ultrasonic heavy wire
bonders developed for the fully automated
processing of a wide range of substrates, chips
and other materials. The systems can be used
as a fully automatic machine or operated manually.

  • 50 µm to 600 µm wires with only one bondhead.
  • High speed
  • Largest bonding area
  • Ultra fast change from aluminium to copper

Hesse, as technology leader, has designed the only
heavy wire bondhead with a non-destructive pulltest
and a unique transducer integrated sensor for 100%
quality monitoring in real-time.
Bondjet BJ955 and BJ959 are designed to meet your present
and future requirements and greatly enhance productivity.


bj931   fj520  

BJ 931
High Speed Fully Automatic Dual-Head
Wedge Bonder with the largest work
area in the industry. Meets the latest technology
and flexibility demands for automotive and
power electronics applications. Handles thin
and heavy aluminum, copper and gold wire
and ribbon.

FJ 520 - Ultrasonic Flip Chip Bonder
The Flipjet FJ520 is the latest evolution of the
Hesse flipchip bonder platform.
The FJ520 is designed with the flexibility for
a wide range of applications and the possible
requirements of future products in mind.
Advantages include: monometallic connection
with lowest possible electrical values for contact
resistance, inductivity and capacity, finepitch
possible down to 20 µm because bumps cannot
flow into each other and possible without underfill
for some material combinations.


hb06_08_10 Automation 2

Wire Bonder Options
A wide selection options to support
your process, like:
Process integrated Quality control (PiQC) which
measures friction, frequency, current, voltage
and deformation in real-time.
Or the adjustment tool for wirebonders (E-Box).

The precise and safe handling of the products
in and out of the production machine plays a
significant role in controlling the product quality,
yield and efficiency of the production equipment.
For this reason Hesse GmbH is offering
automation concepts individually adapted for
every application. The portfolio of automation
components for our machines consists of the
following groups: Transport system / Indexer,
Bonding station / manual workholder and heat blocks,
Magazine lifts, Visualization, MES interface.


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