Inspection Xpress: Intelligent Software Assistance for Manual Visual Inspection 

The Accelonix Inspection Xpress software helps to quickly inspect PCBA's.

inspection xpress The "first board" of a production batch or prototype and small series production are typical applications.
Using a captured image of the board, the components are displayed in a unique and innovative way that allows 100% inspection of all components in a very short time. 
Inspection Xpress helps to save time and money by minimizing stops of the production line and at the same time assuring the production quality from the first board on. 

Inspection Xpress is a software assistant for the manual visual inspection of PCBA's.
Based on CAD data, BOM information (Part ID, type,...) and reference images the components on the PCBA can be inspected using different scenario's.
All types of PCBA technologies (SMT, THT) can be inspected in a fast and easy way, without any programming. 

The software can be delivered together with an industrial scanner, in order to capture images of the PCBA for inspection.
Up to A3 size, this scanner can be equipped with extra features, such as an optimized or colored light source, telecentric lens or adapted scanner height.

Please contact us for further information on Inspection Xpress.

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