Huntron - Tracker 2800 updated with USB and Workstation Software

The 2800 series of Huntron Tracker are designed to complement conventional repair and test instruments in the debug and troubleshooting process. Using the proven power-off test method known as Tracker Signature Analysis it eliminates the risk of further circuit damage, which often occurs when power is applied. The Huntron Trackers are suited for todays mixed signal circuit cards where Analog and Digital are mixed together.

The Tracker 2800's features variable range parameters resulting in over 100 combinations of voltage, source resistance and frequency. The 2800 series is a great off-line support tool for the automated Huntron Access Prober diagnostic systems.

The Tracker works by applying a current-limited AC signal across two points of a component. The current flow causes a vertical signature deflection, while the applied voltage causes a horizontal deflection. Together they form a unique V/I signature that represents the overall health of the device under test. Analyzing the signature can quickly determine whether the component is good, bad, or marginal.

Huntron's integrated SigAssist is based on the range selection, the range parameters are used calculate and display numeric information. The Values displayed are resistance(in ohms), capacitance (in farads), power (in watts), and forward and reverse breakdown voltage (in volts).
Today's portable electronic devices use 3 volt or lower logic circuits. The low test voltage ranges of the Tracker 2800 make it an ideal tool to troubleshoot these products.
The Tracker 2800 and 2800S both feature a built-in DC Voltage Source that can be used to power gated devices such as TRIACs, SCRs and relays. This gives you a true dynamic test of these types of devices.

The Huntron Tracker 2800 series now have the advantage of communicating through a USB connection to the Huntron Workstation Software.
This will allow for the storage of Huntron Analog Signatures thus eliminating the need to always have a good PCA available for comparison.

 The Huntron Workstation Software is designed to bring a high level of efficiency and flexibility to board test creation and troubleshooting:

  • Create custom test routines for low volume manufacturing, repair and rework applications data
  • Easily create, modify and save Microsoft Access based test databases
  • View, print and store test results immediately

As density and complexity increase, printed circuit assemblies become tougher for standardized equipment to probe and test.
Huntron complements conventional equipment with access and test tools that catch the elusive problems other methods often miss.

Please use this link for further information on the Huntron repair and troubleshoot tools.

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