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ASTER Technologies is the leading supplier in Board-Level Testability analysis tools, which capitalizes on proven expertise in board testability and strong customer relations. Founded in 1993, ASTER develops a wide range of products dealing with PCB Testability, Viewing and Quality Management.

Design For Test, Testability & Coverage Analysis, Quality Management





TestWay’s electrical DfT analyzer enables designers to validate designs at the schematic capture stage, to ensure that adequate measures have been included to comply with the manufacturers test requirements. The ability to verify that PCB designs have been developed with adequate Design-for-Test in mind, is key in determining the most effective test strategies and accurately calculating fault coverage, which is crucial in improving competitive advantage, lowering cost and ensuring product quality.

The TestWay open architecture is based on a testability framework that interfaces to a variety of plug-in modules that provides both import and export opportunities, as shown below:

Testway Framework

TestWay reads the board level netlist (schematic or layout) and model libraries. It then performs a basic topological analysis and symbolic simulation, and checks each rule, using both topological and accessibility data. TestWay will then produce a testability report, written in a natural language that can be used by design and test engineers to validate that specific DfT criteria have been implemented.

Key product benefits

Design rules checking
Verify that specific design rules have been adhered to prior to committing to PCB layout. Prevent costly design errors at the earliest possible opportunity.

DfT rules checking
Verify that DfT requirements are adhered to in order to maximize test coverage aligned to the PCB manufacturers test flow. Provide In-Circuit test rules to insure partitioning and initialization pin controllability; Boundary-Scan test rules to check Boundary Scan path integrity (JTAG), test bus control and correct termination etc.

Custom rules checking
Define and implement your own Customer’s rules rules that reflect your company or customer's specific testability requirements.

Test point saving
Identify nets not requiring physical test access and only place test points where absolutely necessary. TestWay balances the different test approaches provided by AOI, AXI, BST, FT, FPT, ICT etc, and optimizes the number of mandatory test accesses, resulting in fewer test probes and significantly reduces test fixturing costs due to less complex fixtures.

Test coverage estimation
Maximize test and inspection coverage by estimating coverage aligned to test strategy. Perform ‘what-if’ analysis to select optimal test strategy to achieve maximum coverage based on historical DPMO data and eliminate redundant test steps. The resultant test coverage analysis can be viewed either graphically within the viewer, or as a test coverage report.

Test coverage measurement
Determine real test efficiency against theoretical coverage and identify areas for improvement. By reading real test programs or coverage reports, TestWay controls real test efficiency against estimated coverage, identifying uncovered areas and any redundant tests.

Functional test coverage
Manage functional test as part of the overall test strategy, produce accurate coverage reports that assists the diagnosis of faulty boards in production and repair centers.

Test Interface
TestWay generates input files for the following Boundary-Scan, In-Circuit & Flying-Probe testers including board description and device models.

Board visualization
Visualize test coverage and customer specific attributes in schematic, layout and netlist navigation views. This New-Generation Viewer also provides unique digitization feature that creates schematic view from PDF.

Advanced reporting
Produce comprehensive reports in a variety of formats that highlight predicted production yield, test coverage by component type, predict placement time, etc.

Cost modeling
Predict test execution times, total engineering time and calculate hardware costs such as; test fixture, power supply, spring probes, wiring and vector-less sensors etc.


Testway Express

TestWay Express is a powerfull NPI tool that can combine various types of inspection and test strategies within an integrated productionflow.
Testway Express will compute test coverage for each individual test strategy, but also combines the coverage for the complete production line. It will compare the computed, theoretical and real test coverage from the testprograms running in the production.
The test scenarios and test line combinations are created by simply drag and drop from the extensive tester list available in Testway Express.


By simulating various combinations, the user can quickly evaluate the benefits of each solution in reducing the number of false calls, diagnostic inaccuracies and eliminating overlapping tests, resulting in a reduction of the overall test time.

Additionally Testway Express will generate the input files for each test stage that reflect the selected strategy.
Supported test platforms are AOI, ICT, Flying Probe testers from Takaya , Agilent, Goepel, Teradyne and many more. 


QuadView is a powerful set of scalable board viewing modules that can be used either as a standalone viewer or fully integrated within customer's applications.

QuadView's unique digitization capability allows users to create schematic views directly from searchable PDF files, and the innovative ‘Netlist Navigator’ provides virtual schematic views reconstructed directly from a board netlist. Layout views can be created from industry standard formats such as, GENCAD, CAMCAD, FATF, ODB++, or directly from any native CAD layout data such as Cadence, Mentor, Zuken, etc. The fault ticket analyzer provides full interaction between component and net references in any type of paperless repair fault ticket, exported from test, repair or inspection systems.


Key Product benefits

Ease of Use
Powerful, scalable visualization environment, consisting of schematic, netlist, layout and fault ticket viewing modules that can be used either standalone or integrated within customer’s applications. No pre-processing of CAD data needed.

Automated schematic creation
Unique digitization capability that allows users to create a schematic view directly from a searchable PDF file. Interactive with layout and Netlist Navigator.

Netlist Navigator
Reconstruct “virtual schematics” directly from a netlist, to provide a visual netlist navigation capability that includes advanced nodal detail.

Layout from native CAD formats
Create layout view from standard CAD formats such as GENCAD, CAMCAD, FATF, ODB++, or direct from native CAD layout data.

Fault ticket hot-links
Anyone who can surf the WWW can learn to use QuadView. Navigate between component and net references that appear as highlighted hot-links within the paperless fault ticket.

Fully Interactive Cross-probing
Cross-probe between layout, schematic and netlist viewers, and other products within the ASTER portfolio such as TestWay and Quad.

Flexible color assignment
Visualize test coverage and component pin properties using the QuadView color assignment palette, to simplify analysis and fault class recognition.

Functional test editor
Declare functional test coverage on both component and pin level. Simplify functional test diagnosis with the “Sherlock” algorithm.

Short-circuit search assistant
Reduce the time to locate short-circuits by intelligently highlighting areas where solder bridges are most likely.

Testway System

twSystem, Testway System, is a viewer software designed to import native CAD data for boards comprised in a system.
In addition, a formal description of the backplane or cables is used to describe the interconnection of the boards.
twSystem offers fast loading, viewing, searching and navigation, even for systems including more than 10 boards with 3000 components on each.

twSystem can be used in the design environment to assist DfT and test coverage analysis at the schematic capture stage as well as during prototype troubleshooting.
Within the manufacturing environment, it becomes an integral part of the repair cycle, assisting in the locating of faults and significantly reducing repair time.


Key Product benefits

Reduced test program development & debug using the schematic & virtual schematic views.
Precise test coverage analysis during functional test development.
Quick localization of failure/defect on schematic and layout view.
Accurate diagnosis using the Sherlock algorithm: Overlapping test analysis between functional test steps or between structural tests and functional tests, in eliminating components and circuit networks that are already determined to be fault free

List of the boards, backplanes and cables comprising the system.
When a board is part of an interconnection, the corresponding connection is highlighted.
Flat netlist view of the full system, which is the foundation for navigation between interconnecting boards within a system
Mechanical 3D interactive view of the box, including the boards.
One window for each active board. Each combining the BOM, schematic diagram and CAD layout.


TPQR [Test Program Quality Report] is powered by TestWay, the world-wide reference coverage analysis tool, helping users to quantify and qualify the test coverage for a wide range of inspection and test equipments.


QuadView-TPQR is a "low-cost" test coverage analysis tool. It allows users to compute the test coverage by importing the test program or test report from a wide range or test/inspection machines used within the industry. It generates detailed HTML and MS-EXCEL reports for each individual test stage, but also consolidates the coverage for the complete production line.

TPQR checks the ability of each measurement/inspection test to catch certain defect types based on component type, value, tolerance, board connectivity, component location, shape, pitch etc. It is built around QuadView, the suite of next generation viewers for the Electronics Industry. Utilizing this powerful layout and schematic viewer, it allows users to visualize coverage at both device and pin level.

It supports more than 35 test models including AOI, AXI, BST, FPT, ICT, and MDA, as well as a wide range of test/inspection machines used within the industry.

Key Product benefits

Ease of Use
Visualize the test coverage provided by the test and inspection equipment, by simply importing the test program.

Scalable-License migration
Convert the TPQR configuration into TestWay, enabling more sophisticated analysis capabilities.

Wide range of test & inspection
Import test program or test report from a wide range of test & inspection systems such as Acculogic: ScanNavigator, Scorpion, Sprint; Aeroflex: 42xx; Agilent Technologies: i3070, 5DX, SJ10, SJ50; Asset; Corelis; Dr. Eschke: CR350; Flynn Systems: onTAP; Goepel: CASCON, OPTICON; JTAG Technologies; MIRTEC: MV Series; MYDATA; OMRON; Orbotech: S22, TRION, VT9300; SAKI; SEICA: VIVA; SPEA: 3030, 4040; Takaya: APT8xxx, APT9xxx; Teradyne: Z1800, Spectrum, GR228x, TS124, TS128; TRI: TR7500, TR8001; VISCOM; VI-Technology: Vi Series; XJTAG and YESTech.

Coverage Analysis
Powered by TestWay, the world-wide reference coverage tool, helping users to quantify and qualify test coverage. It is designed for use by board manufacturers (CMs) and their customers (OEMs), for providing precise, detailed, and impartial test coverage metrics such as PPVS or PCOLA/SOQ.

Full CAD support
The projects used for test program generation within FabMaster, TestExpert or CAMCAD are imported by TPQR in order to modelize & visualize board layout. Alternatively, a wide range of layout format could be imported such as Cadence, CADIF, GenCad, GenCam, Mentor Neutral, ODB++, Orcad, Pads, Protel, Zuken…

Comprehensive Reports
Create HTML reports for test coverage, presented as a board level overview, or as explicit coverage information on selected items. The reports have been designed to be navigated by a simple Internet browser. Users can share advanced and standardized interactive reports throughout design & test organizations.

MS-Excel spreadsheet
Excel report indicates the ability to detect device Presence, Polarity, Value and Solder defects for each part.

Color assignment
Visualize test coverage on components and pins using the "traffic lights" color coding:
Green = Well tested ;
Orange = Partially tested ;
Red = Not tested.

Fully Interactive Cross-probing
Enable fully interactive cross-probing between test coverage reports and board view.

Takaya Boundary-Scan optimizer
Optimize existing TAKAYA test programs by removing redundant test steps when the Takaya is combined with Boundary-Scan test equipment.


QUAD (QUality ADvisor) is a flexible modular Quality Management system built around a centralized and open architecture database, providing traceability for any PCB electronic production data. QUAD covers all quality aspects of PCB assembly, sub-assembly and system build, allowing you to manage the quality data flow from product realization to product retirement. It has been designed to be used either standalone or to be easily integrated into any existing production environment.
It offers a powerful support for PCB fault diagnosis and provides access to detailed information in real-time that can be presented clearly and precisely using advanced reporting. This allows users to analyze real-time information, in order to diagnose and resolve process problems at the earliest opportunity to improve yield, quality and productivity, which will ultimately result in lowering cost.

Quad Flow

QUAD comprises of the following modules:

  • QuadRecorder module allows automatic access to all test and diagnostic results generated by ATE (ICT, FT, BST, FPT, AOI, AXI and other dedicated systems).
  • QuadStation module analyzes the data presented to the repair and diagnostic station, to allow the operator to quickly fix the detected fault and graphically input repair data into the QUAD database.
  • QuadReports module produces quality management information and reports in real time through intranet or internet.
  • QuadSetup module allows operations such as; user account management, system configuration, import of external data, export of database records and system monitoring with the aid of the automated dashboard feature.

Key product benefits

Ease of use
Flexible modular software application that is easily integrated into an existing quality system organization, or used as a stand alone application.

Empower continuous quality improvement
By maintaining a history of all product defects, users can share their knowledge and experiences in resolving problems and participate in the continuous improvement in the quality of the product, thus maximizing customer satisfaction.

Based on Industry Standards
Interfaces with industry standard relational database environments, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP MaxDB, Borland Interbase, Access... etc.

Maximize performance
A high level of performance is achieved by adopting innovative programming technology to optimize database access.

Paperless repair
Intuitive GUI provides hyperlinked interaction between fault ticket, schematic/layout viewers & defect advisor panel for ease of diagnosis and repair.

Clear and precise reporting
Quality management information and reports provided on demand, clearly and precisely using advanced reporting.

WEB reporting
XML compatible for web presentation of quality report and repair data, available anytime and anywhere via the internet.

Real-time process alarms
Real-time alarms to quickly identify process problems and immediately alert staff to allow quick and remedial action.

Product history and tracking
A complete history of the product manufacture and test process provides access to historical data to quickly identify problems that have occurred before.

Immediate cost savings
Increase revenue by improving team productivity by eliminating non-value added tasks, simplifying administrative procedures and automating the workflow.

Ease of maintenance
Networking contribution is minimized in order to allow ease of maintenance.


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