Fixtureless testers allow for easy inspection of SMT boards and are ideally suited for high board mix prototype applications as well as low and medium volume production runs. With so much to offer, it's no wonder Takaya flying probe testers are used by more CM's and OEM's than any other flying probe tester in the world.

The first Takaya flying probe tester, introduced in 1986, provided a fast, easy to use, and dependable fixtureless tester for the manufacturing world. Since that time the Takaya flying probe tester has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence. Now in its 6th generation, the Takaya flying probe tester continues to remain the #1 name and choice with the leading manufacturing companies around the world.
Since no conventional bed-of-nails (test fixture) is required and the initial test program creation from the CAD file is quick and easy, total development time is measured in hours instead of days.


APT-1400F APT-9600CE APT-9411CE APT-820S


General Features of the APT-series

  • THE WORLD’S HIGHEST POSITIONING ACCURACY The XY stage, crucial to stable and accurate probe contact, is made of highly polished native granite, whose surface accuracy remains unchanged even after years of prolonged use. Therefore, the APT-series ensure high precision and stable probing contact.
  • SUPERFINE MECHANISM All the mechanisms of the APT are designed based on a thoroughgoing analysis of structure, vibration and material, and the tester is extremely durable and is stable in the XY positioning contact due to the high-precision components used in the actuators. The probes enable to be spaced as close as 0.2mm and are accessible to high-density SMT boards easily.
  • FAST PROBE MOVEMENT All the XYZ axes combined with AC servo motor that has a superior rotating characteristic and the servo drive system employing the latest digital control technology are controllable on high speed and smoothly and cut down the stabilization time for the probe’s positioning and inhibit vibration of the probes occurring when they come to a standstill. In addition, the APT incorporates an excellent algorithm to rearrange test steps and the feature to optimize the flying height according to each component which will result in faster probe movement.
  • ACCURATE, WIDE TEST COVERAGE The APT-series, taking advantage of the latest measuring technologies, measure a wide range of components on high speed and accurately, and the measuring signal is quite low and does not give electric stress to any device under test. In addition, the test capabilities of the APT-are further expandable via a wide variety of inspection systems in the market such as Boundary Scan and programmable power supplies for Power-on test etc.
  • VISION TEST SYSTEM The APT-incorporates a micro CCD camera, high performance image processing unit and the two-colored LED lighting systems to ensure reliable and accurate vision test in the whole work area of the flying probes. In addition, you have a chance to install the second camera with a wide-field lens ensuring faster vision test and wider test coverage.
  • EASY & USER-FRIENDLY SOFTWARE The basic parts of test program are converted from the existing CAD data in an incredibly short time and versatile programming support tools helps automatic generation of reference value and measuring conditions so on. And ATG function and many powerful debug tools facilitate speed test generation. Thus even beginners can create high-quality programs with ease. In addition, the APT-offers a wide variety of options according to the user needs.

In keeping with their reputation for quality, Takaya uses only the most reliable ball screw and slide rail mechanisms which have been designed for accuracy, stability and durability. The APT-series offers an increased productivity and requires minimal floor space, which saves expensive production area. In addition no air supply for standard operation is needed. All this features combined with the excellent operation performance made it possible to achieve the lowest cost of ownership. The precise control system ensures the most silent operation, which allows the operation in almost every environment.

Integration Capabilities of the APT-series

The flexible and open design allows easy integration of Flying Probe testing with boundary scan test and power up functional test.
If you desire more advanced testing, several options are available which will enhance the overall effectiveness of the Takaya.

  • PXI/VXI measurement unit
  • 64 channels available for test-bed accessories
  • IC-Opens unit (open pin checker)
  • Power relay boards (for power up testing)
  • Vacuum unit (used with warped boards)
  • And more...

Using the latest Cognex image processing technology, the optical recognition system (optional) provides test coverage for components that cannot be measured in-circuit. The vision system gives you the ability to detect:

  • Backwards tantalum capacitors
  • Mis-placed components
  • Part numbers
    And more...

Integration with “Göpel electronic” Boundary Scan ensures fast and reliable testing of digital or mixed digital-analogue printed circuit board assemblies. The use of the flying probes as virtual boundary scan cells improves the test coverage compared to the sum of Flying probe test and boundary scan test as standalone techniques.

Integration of the 4-kwadrant Yokogawa GS610 power supply is possible for the APT9411 and APT9600 testers.
This fully integrated combination greatly extends the functional testcapabilities of the single- and dual-sided flying probe PCBA testers.
Examples of possible functional tests with the GS610 are:
- Zener-Diodes up to 100V with input current up to 500mA
- Switching of FeTs, Triacs and Thyristors
- Optocouplers
- Stability test of powerlines by using GS610 as a programmable load
- Relais


Takaya APT-1400F

The APT-1400F is the Next generation Flying Probe Test System which has an unprecedented performance in terms of Test Speed, position accuracy and Test Coverage. The APT-1400F main features include:
  • Flying 4-Heads and Six Z Mechanisms in addition to the four standard moving probes the APT-1400F is designed to use a further two Z mechanisms. These can be either moving Vertical Probes or IC Opens Test Probes. This leads to an une-qualled ability to contact difficult test points and contact at different heights.
  • Improved "soft touch" controls virtually eliminate probe contact marks without compromising probe speed. New probe tips are available, including dagger-head probes for through-holes and inverse-cone-head probes for connectors, to fully utilize the advantages of the new vertical probes.
  • Highly Accurate Measurement System includes three 4 Quadrant sources and measurement systems with 16-bit ADC/DAC. AC sine and square waveforms generator and a frequency counter, providing the ability to perform dynamic characteristic tests of components and circuits. Capable of measuring very small capacitance.
  • Strong and Rigid XY Stage made from highly polished granite. The XY Stage has been completely reviewed to achieve faster moving speeds with a 25% improvement in positional accuracy.
  • Ultrafast Test Speed with the use of new technologies test is speeded up by up to 50%.
  • Improved Optical Test System gives AOI functions including Colour, LED, Missing, wrong orientation, positioning error, Barcodes and 2D Barcodes, OCR and Library and Real Map.
  • Easy User Friendly Software with the aim to cut down your time to programming Test.

The Speed and precision of the Takaya APT1400F is breath-taking. Its versatility in Test is perfect for many applications. The ability to combine greater functional abilities leave the APT-1400F in a class on its own in Flying Probe Technologies. The versatility and speed that the platform presents will allow customers to move into production with ease and flexibility.



Takaya APT-9600CE

The APT-9600CE has 4 moving probes on the top and 2 at the bottom side. The APT-9600CE offers you more flexibility, greater test coverage and faster test speed. The flying probe system enables not only electrical tests from both sides of the PCB, as an option it can also be equipped with two IC Open Sensors or with moving support pins from the bottom side. Two Camera Systems are integrated into the APT-9600CE. This allows the fiducial recognition and extended Vision Test to be done from the top and bottom at the same time. New software functions, debugging tools and repair aids are further features. Applications include:
  • function tests
  • digital tests
  • programmable power supplies
  • barcode recognition with camera
  • advanced vision test system
  • integration of external measurement equipment
  • gain measurements
  • in-line compatibility (SMEMA)
  • open pin checker
  • Flash/EEPROM programming
  • Boundary Scan
  • full compatibility of all APT test programs
  • power on, etc.
6 Flying Probes

Takaya APT-9411CE

The APT-9411 series is a flying probe test system for detection of manufacturing defects on printed circuit boards using 4 high speed in-dependently moving probes, thus removing the requirement for a conventional bed-of-nails fixture. Beside of that the equipments offers:
  • function tests
  • digital tests
  • programmable power supplies
  • barcode recognition with camera
  • advanced vision test system
  • integration of external measurement equipment
  • gain measurements
  • in-line compatibility (SMEMA)
  • open pin checker
  • Flash/EEPROM programming
  • Boundary Scan
  • full compatibility of all APT test programs
  • power on, etc.
Takaya APT-820S

The APT-820S is a flying probe test system for detection of manufacturing defects on small and medium-sized printed circuit boards designated for today's cutting edge products. Even with just 2 independently moving probes, the tester can achive a high-speed inspection similar to other testers with 3 or more moving probes and has a marked ability to detect faulty placement of SMT components and SHORT/OPEN failure reliably. In addition, the tester is cost effective and is highly-miniaturized to be placed in tight spaces. The tester is ideally suited for low volume production, high board mix prototype applications, low-value-added products as well as process checking for nominal value following the pick and place machines. Applications include:

  • Inspection of high density & fine-pitch SMT boards (due to access problems for bed-of-nails tester)
  • Inspection of low-volume of prototype boards
  • Inspection of industrial boards manufactured under the high quality assurance standards
  • Inspection of high mixed assembly products which manufacturing quantity and time frequently change
  • 100% inspection by a In-line test system for the boards with relatively less components
  • 100% inspection by multiply In-line test systems for low and medium production volume batches
  • Process control test following the pick and place machines
  • Random sampling test in mass production line (for quality assurance)
  • Inspection of low volume and long life products
  • Inspection of additional production (after the product is discontinued)
  • Inspection of specific area on the boards where they have higher rate of assebly faults
  • Inspection of the assembly faults (i.e. SHORT/OPEN error by micro-solder) that AOI are hard to detect.
  • Analysis of the faulty boards that failed functional test
  • Analysis of the faulty boards returned for repair



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