3M Credence

Credence technologies offers practical tools for diagnostics and measurement of electromagnetic emission, ESD and RF signals for the electronics industry.

Scan EM
Probes for EMI Diagnostics

ScanEM probes are the most versatile, affordable, and handy instruments for detecting, locating and measuring of electromagnetic emission. Professionals in small and large companies all over the world use ScanEM probes.

ScanEM probes will help you to reliably predict EM behavior of your product and to locate emission sources in a matter of seconds. They detect presence of an electromagnetic field and provide audio and visual indication of its relative strength. ScanEM probes can pinpoint exact sources of emission down to a single trace or component.



EM Eye ESD Event and EMI Meter
The EM Eye is a broadband electromagnetic field and RF signal meter.

As a field strength meter, EM Eye features miniature directional broadband antenna, frequency range of 2MHz to 2GHz, high sensitivity (down to 10mV/m), simultaneous linear and logarithmic displays, real-time bar-graph with lin/log scales and zoom, three types of detectors (average, peak and quasi-peak). EM Eye measures field strength, power density and amplitude modulation. It has built-in frequency counter with high sensitivity, REF/Auto-zero and Hold functions, and a laser pointer that helps to identify the sources of emission. The EM Eye-DL model CTM045 adds ability to measure the power (EIRP) of a transmitter.

By removing the antenna and connecting an RF source via optional SMA adapter, EM Eye becomes the smallest RF signal meter. It can signal power and voltage and all of the relevant parameters mentioned above.

EM Eye-DL model CTM045 provides data logging capabilities with up to 2000 data points capacity, Y2K-compliant time/date stamp and advanced data-logging features such as manual, event-based and time-based recording, averaging, etc. Supplied MS Windows-based software provides data exchange and viewing on PC.

Among applications of EM Eye for ESD and EMI:

  • Assessment of effectiveness of ESD preventive measures
  • Identifying sources of ESD Events
  • Evaluation of danger presented by the ESD Events
  • Collection of data of ESD Events for the entire work shift with time/date stamp and comparison with the similar data collected during last survey
  • Historical records of ESD environment
  • Location and evaluation of electromagnetic interference at your plant
  • Improving your EMI Environment and your ground
  • Calibration and characterization of workbench ESD Event monitors


EM Aware ESD Event monitors
EM Aware® ESD Event monitors are placed in the areas where ESD Events are not tolerated. Indication of an ESD event is a sure sign that your ESD-preventive measures need immediate attention.

Miniature and unobtrusive, EM Aware® monitors can be placed on workbenches and equipment. Connected into a network, EM Aware® monitors can give you information on location of ESD Events, their frequency and magnitude. Collected information can be tracked day-to-day to monitor ESD environment and, ultimately, improve yield.





EMalert emission level monitor modules
EMAlert modules installed inside of critical equipment continuously monitor emission level, as well as its amplitude modulation since the latter can cause more damage that steady field. Until the level of EMI exceeds preset level (user-set), EMAlert modules are just passive observers. The moment the interference exceeds the preset level, however, EMAlert module sends signal that the EM EventTM has occurred and then begins to probe the host equipment by sending pulses every 3ms. The host equipment is supposed to respond with similar pulses if it continues to function properly. Should the host fail to respond, EMAlert issues Equipment Failure signal and, if desired, attempts to reset the host.


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