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Products for EMC immunity testing up to 3 GHz


RFIC System

RFIC-4-6 System

The RFIC system comprises a PC controlled synthesiser unit (the RFIC-4-6), Power Amplifier (RF0250), CDNs to suit the application and a Windows compatible software package.

This system fully complies with IEC61000-4-6. In addition it includes 4 channels of EUT monitoring with results plotted against frequency, active display of power output level and stress level, high speed USB interface and the ability to work with either 'conventional' CDNs or 'enhanced' CDNs.

This new development utilises the latest software and hardware techniques to provide an exceptional level of performance and flexibility with all results available within the Windows environment for ease of display, recording and documentation.

Key Points

    • Exceptionally user friendly system
    • Completely integrated
    • Features 'Enhanced' techniques for accuracy and efficiency
    • Full range of CDNs available

      RF 3000

      RF-series Signal generators

      The Laplace Synthesisers cover both conducted and radiated RF immunity test requirements. The frequency coverage extends from 100KHz to 230MHz for conducted tests and 30MHz - 3GHz for radiated tests. They are all controlled from the users PC via a USB link, and powerful Windows software is included to enable the user to control all the parameters of the test, to monitor the test in progress, and to view the results.

      Key Points

      • Creates the signal to be applied to the product
      • Controls the intensity of that signal
      • Monitors the condition of the EUT
      • Acts as the interface between a PC and the test
      • Includes PC (Windows) software to enable very simple operation


      RF Amplifiers

      The RF power amplifier range from Laplace is specifically designed for EMC Immunity testing. These are compact units with characteristics matched to the requirements of IEC standards. These RF amplifiers utilize fully isolated linear MOSFET or advanced GaAs FET devices, which provide high gain, wide dynamic range and excellent third order intercepts. High efficiency and reliable operation are achieved by employing unique RF combining circuits, RF microstrip networks, sophisticated thermal design, custom machined housing and heavy duty components. The high power RF amplifiers undergo extensive burn-in prior to final test and inspection. The amplifiers all feature 50ohm input & output impedance, thermal and mismatch protection, standby switch and internal fan assisted cooling.

      Key Points

      • High efficiency
      • Compact and lightweight
      • Wide dynamic range
      • Proven reliability
      • 0dB input for full power at output
      • Matched to EMC test standards IEC61000-4-3 and IEC61000-4-6

      The Laplace amplifier range comprises:

      Model Frequency Range Linear Power (W) Saturated Power (W)
      RF0250 100 kHz - 250 MHz
      RF1100 20 MHz - 1 GHz
      RF1170 30 MHz - 1 GHz
      RF1200 1 GHz - 2 GHz
      RF1240 1 GHz - 2 GHz
      RF1300 1 GHz - 3 GHz

      For more options, higher frequencies and / or higher power also check our amplifier product ranges from PrĂ¢na, Milmega & Teseq


      Cell filter & I/O compartmen

      Test Cells - LaplaCell

      LaplaCells provide a facility for the rapid and efficient testing of the EMC compliance of products. These cells offer a calibrated and screened environment in which radiated emissions can be measured and immunity to RF radiation can be tested. They exceed the requirements of IEC61000-4-20, thus affording compliant testing to IEC61000-4-3 and pre-compliance testing for radiated emission testing.

      The Cells are a modified form of GTEM cell, using a balanced dual septum design which maximises EUT volume for a given external size of cell, and dramatically improves field linearity. The EUT volume is fully lined in structural polycarbonate capable of supporting heavy products and access is via a large, full height door at the end of the cell. Adjacent to the door is the I/O filter compartment which can be customised to suit the users requirements. USB, RS232, Parallel, Ethernet, co-ax and other product specific filters can be added at time of ordering.

      Key Points

      • 30MHz to 3GHz frequency coverage
      • Fully calibrated for emissions and immunity
      • 2 sizes:
        • Lc300/2: for EUT up to 30cm cube
        • Lc600: for EUT up to 60cm cube (incl. 19" racks up to 13u)
      • Field sensor for immunity testing is included
      • Complies with IEC61000-4-20
      • Excellent field uniformity
      • Compact size
      • Ready for immediate use on delivery
      • Standard filtered I/O includes mains feed, fibre optic access and 12 individual connections


      LaplaCells are specifically intended for use by manufacturers so that they can test their own products efficiently . The LaplaCell design is an advance on the well known GTEM concept. However, the use of a dual septum provides:

      • better field uniformity
      • compact external size
      • balanced septum fed with impedance conversion network to better match OATS conditions
      • Built-in field sensor
      • Camera and lighting options

      The basic EMC test systems can be expanded with various accesories like current probes, pre-amplifiers, reference sources and more. Check our Accesories section for more detailed information.

      Perhaps not all the terms, tests and instruments are clear for you at the moment. For more detailed background information on various EMC topics we offer several whitepapers in our Whitepaper section.

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