Schwarzbeck Antenna Masts

As a specialist in the field of RF antenna's Schwarzbeck of course knows that positioning your antenna is important to get the correct results. Below you will find the Schwarzbeck solutions for mounting ans positioning of your antenna.

Product Antenna Masts / Tripods / Adapters description
AM 9104 Detachable Antenna Mast System (glass-fibre tubing) for VHF-UHF Antennas, manual height scanning 0.4 m to 4 m, insulated mast and antenna box with 0°/90° detents, zinc-plated / stainless steel 3-leg mast foot.
AM 9104 Opt. Rollen Option: Caster Wheels and Brakes for zinc-plated / stainless steel 3-leg mast foot
AM 9104 Opt. GFK-Fuß Alternative Option: Non metallic (glass-epoxy) mast foot for AM 9104
AM 9144 Glass - Epoxy tube Antenna Mast System, height set by screw 1.2 - 2 m, 3/8" thread on top, zinc-plated / stainless steel 3-leg mast foot.
AM 9144 Opt. GFK-Fuß Option: Non metallic (glass-epoxy) mast foot for AM 9144
AM 9144 Opt. Rollen Option: Caster Wheels and Brakes for 3-leg mast foot
AM 9144 Opt. Kurz Option: height set range from 0.90 - 1.60 m (shorter version)
AA 9202 Mast Adapter for AM 9144 with 22 mm hole for most Antenna models, 3/8" and 1/4" camera threads, polarisation continuously adjustable.
AA 9202 POM Non metallic mast adapter for most light weight Antenna models with 22 mm tube, minimizes reflections, 3/8” camera thread, polarisation continuously adjustable.
AA 9203 Mast Adapter for AM 9144 with 22 mm hole for most Antenna models, 3/8" and 1/4" camera threads polarisation and elevation continuously adjustable
AA 9205 Orthogonal Swivel Adapter for positioning in 3 perpendicular directions. Application: determination of the magnitude of the fieldstrength
AA 9209 Antenna adapter to fix STLP 9128 E, STLP 9128 E special, STLP 9128 D, STLP 9128 D special on AM 9144. Alllows antenna rotation without height adjustment. Antenna can be fixed in the center of gravity without any collision with the AM 9144 during polarisation change.
KG 9201 Mast Adapter (swivel, 90° vertical/horizontal polarisation for AM 9144), for VULP 9118 D,E,F,G and VUSLP 9111 E only
PPS 9208 Pneumatic polarisation shifter with 2-way pneumatic cylinder for all Schwarzbeck antennas with 22 mm tube on AM 9144. Compressed air required. [Video: Assembly of antenna], [Video: Rotation]
SWHA 9204 Swivel handle for light antennas
EA 9207 Adapter for Schwarzbeck antennas with 22 mm tube on EMCO mast.
TA 9204 Thread Adapter with 3/8" female and 1/4" male threads. Mainly for American antenna brands.
TA 9205 TA 9205 Thread Adapter with 1/4" female and 3/8" male threads. (For camera tripods, not for AM 9144)
TA 9206 Thread Adapter with 3/8" female and 5/8" male threads. (Geodesy)

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