Data I/O Flashcore III Optimizes (NAND)Flash Programming Cycles

flashcoreiiiWith support for the latest microcontrollers and flash memory devices including SD, MMC, MoviNAND and iNAND, FlashCORE III is the best programming engine on the market supporting large devices. High density devices and file sizes, used in production, are growing at an exponential rate, compromising production throughput rates.

Data I/O’s FlashCORE III programming architecture is designed specifically for these high density applications. Built for speed, even when dealing with large amounts of data, FlashCORE III reads and writes at near theoretical device limits and downloads programming jobs extremely fast over Ethernet, enabling quick changeovers.
Electronics manufacturers can be assured that they will be able to keep up with their production demands, despite these growing file sizes, by using FlashCORE III. They also benefit by experiencing the highest programming yields and readily available support for all varieties of flash and microcontrollers

Data I/O’s automated handling systems, manual programmer and Process Control software applications all support FlashCORE III and allow customers to seamlessly transfer job profiles (algorithms, data files and programming parameters) from design through manufacturing. 

Flashcore III highlights:

  • Compatible with all existing Data I/O FlashCORE algorithms and adapters
  • Compatible with all Data I/O process control software applications
  • Supported by the largest library of NAND support and Bad Block Schemes in the world
  • Optimized programming now and in the future
  • Global support by a worldwide service team on a local basis

Please use this link for further information on the Data I/O Flashcore tools.

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