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TestWay Express is a fully integrated solution that enables electronic manufacturers to optimize the design-to-test and production test implementation flow:

  • Define the manufacturing line; including a combination of assembly, inspection and test machines.
  • Estimate the test coverage of each individual stage and optimize the combined results.
  • Generate the input files for each test stage within the selected strategy.
  • Measure the real test coverage by importing the post-debug test program or coverage data.
  • Compare the early estimation with the actual measured test program coverage, identifying gaps in the overall strategy.

Test is essential for improving product quality, aiming to detect and prevent faults on a product. This maximizes the number of good products shipped to the customer. It is important to:

  • Define the optimum test strategy and to maximize the test coverage.
  • Produce a test specification document that defines the testneeds.
  • Compare the developed tests against the test requirements.
  • Understand the production process capability and yield to calculate the level of defects that will be shipped to the customer.

Testprogram generation in Testway Express is implemented by defined steps:

  • CAD import
  • Bill of Material import with intelligent component modelling
  • Intelligent testprobe placement defined by the selected teststrategy (ICT, Flying Probe Test, etc.)
  • Configuration of the selected test strategies
  • Automatic generation of the test program(s) and test coverage report(s)
  • Graphical confirmation of the component and pin testcoverage

A large selection of CAD formats and most common ICT, Flying Probe and JTAG/Boundary Scan testsystems are already supported.
Paperless fault ticket readers and intelligent CAD and schematic viewers and integrated aids help to shorten the repair and troubleshoot time.

TestWay Express is built around TestWay, the industry leading DfT and test coverage analysis tool from ASTER Technologies.
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Please use this link for further information on Yield, Design-to-test, testability and test coverage.

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